HTP3D – Virtual Hautepierre, creative and participative

Participatory 3D virtual model
current job in October 2011
Direction: Gregory Zabé
Programming: Fabien Henique – Alexandre Toure

HTP3D is a virtual model of the popular neighborhood of Hautepierre. It is both one crystallization of tranddisciplinary actions of the “Hautepierre is 40 years old” project, and a space for collective creation, hosting virtual projects connected to the specific context of the neighborhood. The project is available on the Internet at

This space is continually put in motion by artists, architects / planners and researchers involved in the project “Hautepierre is 40 years old”, but also by the people, through the staging of excerpts from interviews and various anthropological materials, and 3d original creations.
Two young people of Hautepierre actively participated in the creation of this digital double. Matar Niang, who worked at the association as a graphic designer, developed the avatar-breakdanser and modeled several schools as well as the place where he lives. Fred Adam, an active volunteer in the association participated in the modeling of the Cultural Center “Le galet” and created the virtual version of Zenith, a sort of alien spacecraft placed outside the territory, inaccessible to residents.
As part of the Arachnima tour in Hautepierre, a workshop was conducted by Etienne Enette, Dare Genc and Gregory Zabé. The goal was to model in 3D the future of youth Gateway area, based on the plans of the architects of the project. The various proposals of the participants will then be added in HTP3D. Through a publishing tool, pictures and comments can be added directly in 3D, any user can directly participate in the construction of the place, and its expressiveness. HTP3D contains a chat system producing sentences that are written directly in the 3D space. This set of traces in the space contributes to this collaborative writing of memories and images of the place.

Artists: Marguerite Bobey Edwina Hoel, Sébastien Perruche, Hiroto Naokatahira Dominique Pichard
3d artists Frédéric Adam, Mocktar Niang, Gregory Zabé
Anthropologists: Pauline Gaucher, Barbara Morovich
Shiva web3d Dev: Fabien Henique Alexander Toure
+ All HTP40 / Ass team. Horizome, Hautepierre residents and students of the week intensive Art / Architecture School of Strasbourg


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