Inframonde – a participative landscape – 2002

Inframonde is a cyberlandscape.  It is composed of a multitude of facets, organized in a kind of tunnel. Each one of these facets is likely to collect a “photographic fragment” downloadable directly on line via the interface of the site. The idea is to constitute a “mental landscape” where the images brought by each participant amalgamate. This new space offers a kaleidoscopic perception, a fragmented vision of the world, recomposed artificially.

Méso-American mythology often calls upon the image of a complex underground world, an “inframonde”. This space, unlike our hell, is a place of transition, inhabited by beings of all natures, which sail between various layers and degrees of depth, likely constantly to come back at surface, and to act on reality.  Its evocation is seldom pejorative, but rather a source of exitation of imaginary of the humans. It is included/understood like a complementary  space  to the “real”world . This acceptance of a balance ground/basement, conscious/unconscious, real/virtual, seems to us to be an element that founds the project, like this capacity to create a collective imaginary.

The interface of our project allows the transport of these individual perceptions, with an aim of creating a shared vision, through their coexistance in the inframonde.  There is a real need for today creating tools which one can be adapted, transformed, on which we can modify the “source code”.  There is a guiding principle brought by the project, which functions like a rule of game: the facets are organized in five groups (ground, midground, skyline, midsky, sky) which define the type of photographic fragments to install in the tunnel. Thus a participant can bring an end of ground, which will be supplemented by an end of sky brought by another or by itself. In thus rises a heterogene place, which is only one structure “to live”, and which has the capacity to be rewritten perpetually, each image being able “to be crushed” by the arrival of a new one.

The integration of a chat, creating a  multi-user space, also goes in the direction of a tool of cohesion, communication and experimentation.

The dimentional internet – Melinda Rackham – Intelligent Agent no3

2004 / UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS, Musée de l’hermitage, St Petersbourg . 2003 / FILE 2003 au centre d’art ‘Paço des Artes’, São Paulo City, Brazil . 2003 / Web3dart 2003, Saint-malo, France . 2003 / Exposition LAB3D à Cornerhouse, manchester / ICA, london / Watershed, Bristol, UK  – Experimental art fundation, Adelaide, Australia – Center of contemporary art, skopje,  Macedonia . 2003 / Invité sur la liste de diffusion internationale “empyre”, organisée par Melinda Rackham, théories et pratiques de la “réalité virtuelle” . 2003 / Conférence “art, design et internet” durant le festival norapolis – avec Fred Forest, Jules Maeght, olivier Auber. Cescom, metz

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