Grégoire Zabé – CV&contact

M 0033 (0)6 76 45 17 52
contact@nobox-lab.com    http://www.nobox-lab.com

Designer-architect ESAD Strasbourg / Olivier de Serres Paris
Project manager in design, architecture and urbanism
New media artist

Founder Nobox-lab 2001
Teacher at HEAR Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin 2005
Co-founder UFO with Alain Renk, Waler Simone and Phil Brock 2009
Member Horizome 2009

Grégoire Zabé proposes a vision without tangible limits of the practice of design, navigating between large scale physical projects and virtual screenings, between the concrete design processes and the free space-time of artistic research and experimentation.

He has been working on projects in interior architecture (cinemas silverscreen, Lodz, Alain Renk) in museum design (4 exhibitions at the National Museum of Natural History PARIS, Eric Verly) in product design (THOMSON project with Isabelle Clement and Regis Albignac), architecture (cultural center ECROUVES with MGD architecture / Tower 07PS1 to DEFENSE / Lodging Hotel at MEXICO DF with UFO / GANG) landscape (Garden-cloister of Abbey Neumüntser in LUXEMBOURG CITY Agnes Daval and Julie Courcelle) and urban planning (urban Guidelines, LA DEFENSE, with UFO / Host).

Since 2010 he has focused his research on the interactions between urban and virtual spaces, through the transdisciplinary art / Anthropology / urbanism project “Horizome” in Hautepierre neighborhood (web3d HTP3D and collaborative urban design “let’s refurbish teh Erasme square !” projects), as well as through research on UrbanDash and Unlimited Cities (collaborative urbanism digital platforms) conducted with Alain Renk within UFO.

His work as a designer thrives on ongoing research on electronic media, including real-time 3D on the Internet. His main interests are in collaborative cyberspaces, evolutionary representation systems, Internet as a social and dimensional space. Through an exploratory and open approach, he attempts to crystallize these questions and to create collective representations of landscapes, on the internet, with the participation of the spectators-users.

Since 1999, he has shown several artistic installations (transport (s), ZOO of Modern and Contemporary Art of Strasbourg museum Josselin Roux and Jerome Pergolesi) and experimental websites in realtime 3d ( Virlab, Transportrait, Sharedscapes , Buddhabrot shop) that have been presented during festivals and exhibitions.

he is fed daily by his experience as a teacher since 2005 at the HEAR Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin in Strasbourg, Design and Scenography options (following projects and teaching 2D and 3D digital tools). He is associated with two research projects : Play/urban and La sculpture et son nuage de points.

Art screenings and exhibitions

. 2010 / Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh . 2010 / Festival CYBERFEST, St Petersbourg, Russie . 2009 / Fluid @ QUEENS Museum, New York . 2009 / Exposition Paysages artificiels, Epinay-sous-Sénart, France . 2009 / FILE 2009 Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil . 2009 / FAD 09, Bello Horizonte, Brazil . 2009 / Conférence sur Sharedscapes, Biennale SIANA, Evry, France . 2008 / Exposition et conférence à l’Université d’Angers, France . 2007 / Zoo au Musée d’art Moderne et Contemporain, Strasbourg, France . 2006 / web3dart 06, http://www.web3dart.org . 2006 / web3d symposium, Columbia, USA . 2005 / 1001 nuits (nuit blanche), Strasbourg, France . 2005 / WebBiennal 05, Museum of Contemporary Arts of Istambul, Turkey . 2005 / [R][R][F] 2005 violence channel, a network project by Agricola de Cologne . 2005 / Stunned netart open 2005 art council of Ireland . 2005 / r4WB!t5 mini FESTIVAL, Chicago, USA . 2004 / web3dart 2004 monterey, USA and SIGGRAPH 2004 Los Angeles, USA . 2004 / FILE 2004 Electronic Language International Festival, SESI gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil . 2004 / UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS, Musée de l’hermitage, St Petersbourg . 2003 / Festival Multimedia Norapolis, Metz, France . 2003 / FILE 2003 au centre d’art ‘Paço des Artes’, São Paulo City, Brazil . 2003 / Web3dart 2003, Saint-malo, France . 2003 / Exposition LAB3D à Cornerhouse, manchester / ICA, london / Watershed, Bristol, UK – Experimental art fundation, Adelaide, Australia – Center of contemporary art, skopje, Macedonia . 2003 / Invité sur la liste de diffusion internationale “empyre”, organisée par Melinda Rackham, Lab 3d / web3dart . 2003 / Conférence “art, design et internet” durant le festival norapolis

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