Buddhabrot shop – 2005


Valérie Bouvier (mixed media artist ), Grégoire Zabé ( electronic media artist ), Frederic Le Saout ( php programming )


[ONLINE] On the one side, a website in which users create numerical sculptures, generated from a simulated online purchase

On www.buddhabrotshop.com, web surfers choose from a selection of objects, and define the number, colour and size of the objects they wish to get. While validating their order, they gradually create a 3d interactive numerical sculpture, generated from their choice.That sculpture is then registered in a database which will contain all the generated objects. [INSITU]On the other side , a projection screen is placed in a shopwindow, where the sculptures thus generated are projected in real time . Spectators can interact with their mobile device on www.buddhabrotshop.com

2011 / NONBIENNAL / Web Art Center, http://www.webartcenter.org/nonbiennale.html . 2010 / CYBERFEST, St Petersbourg, Russia . 2008 / Centre d’Art, Epinay sous Sénart, France . 2006 / web3dart 06, http://www.web3dart.org . 2006 / web3d symposium, Columbia, USA . 2005 / 1001 nuits (nuit blanche) Strasbourg, France

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