Why is it so long to display ?

The world contain many informations, which are loaded in « streaming » mode. You can see the world even if all is not loaded... but you have to wait before all pictures are loaded.

With standard internet connexion : 2 > 3 minutes (depending on the numbers of pictures)

With hi-speed internet connexion : 30 s > 1 minute (also depending on the numbers of pictures)



how do i move into the 3d world ?

You have two possibilities :

With the mouse : click on left button at the center of 3d window, then stay clicked and drag the mouse arrow up, down, left or right. The highest you get, the faster you move.

With the keyboard : Use up, down, left and right arrows to move.

Is it possible to go faster ?

Yes. You have to hold shift key during moving operations. Then you will run much faster.

How can i see me (my avatar) ? - only for pc users -

Look in the navigation bar at the top of the 3d window : there is « show/ hide my avatar »... just click on it, it will appear and desappear.


How do i pass from one point of view (place) to one other ?

Look in the navigation bar at the top of the 3d window : there are 3 points of view : inside the tube out of the tube on world map at the intro view above earth.

How can i reach informations about one picture i see into the tube ?

You just can click on the picture you are interessed by, a window will show you informations on the localization, the photographer, the date....




How can i upload a picture into the tube ?

You just have to go into « upload picture », in the main menu.

Can i upload any picture into the tube ?

Please try to play the game ! There are 5 sections : ground, midground, skyline, midsky and sky. The idea is to recompose a landscape with different fragments took all over the world. But you can freely put what you want aproximately where you want.

Can i upload any format of picture ?

No. you have to prepare a jpeg picture (.jpg, most common format) that is less than 10 kb !

Is my picture here forever ?

No. if somebody wants to put his picture where you put yours, it will replace yours.

Do i inevitably have to write comments when i upload my picture ?

No. But it is more interesting if you do.








Do i need extra plugin to see the 3d world ?

Yes. The world is in VRML format. So you have to download a player that can read VRML worlds. The installation is quite easy.

What plugin do i need if i have a pc ?

You need « blaxxun contact 5 », developed by blaxxun.
manual download blaxxun contact 5 : download install file

What plugin do i need if i have a mac ?

You need « cortona », developed by parallelgraphics.

I can't install blaxxun contact on my win 2000 pc.. what's happening ?

You have to be in « administrator » mode to install the plugin. Just close the session and enter again with « administrator » name and password and try again.